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3rd Annual Open Source Poker Party at OSCON 2014! [feedly]

3rd Annual Open Source Poker Party at OSCON 2014!
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Congrats again to last year's winners of the pure geeky gold prizes! We had three lucky winners who proudly took home Google Chromebook Pixels. Best of luck goes to those who play in the open cloud poker tournament this year! The winners this year will take home:

1st prize: Samsung Chromebook 2 (13-inch)

2nd prize: Samsung Chromebook 2 (11.6-inch)

3rd prize: Samsung Chromebook 2 (11.6-inch)

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For one night only, OSCON's Foyer will be transformed into Portland's only poker room complete with professional dealers. You'll be playing poker above the city lights with a perfect view of the city. Join the fun on Tuesday, July 22nd from 8:30pm - 12:00am!

The Open Cloud Poker party is being co-hosted by a number of open source projects that help make open source cloud computing possible.

Not planning on joining the poker tournament? Come anyways! There will be classic arcade games such as Space Invaders and Pacman, pool table, plenty of beer, hors d'oeuvres and a live band.

Open Cloud Lounge & Cupcakes

If you need a spot to hangout and want to enjoy delicious cupcakes then head over to the Open@Citrix Open Cloud Lounge at OSCON (booth #601). The lounge will not only have cupcakes but also comfy beanbags for you to relax on.

Make sure to visit the cupcake bar in the booth during the Expo Hall Reception on Monday, July 21st 5pm-6pm and Booth Crawl on Tuesday, July 22nd 5:40pm-7:00pm. Members of the Xen Project community and Apache CloudStack community will be there to hand out awesome t-shirts and swag!

A Hands-on Tutorial and Speaking Sessions You Won't Want to Miss

Hands-on CloudStack Ecosystem tutorial by Sebastien Goasguen
Monday, July 21st at 1:30pm - 5:00pm

Building a cloud is one part of the equation. To get work done with a cloud you will need a solid ecosystem that goes with it. Attend a hands-on CloudStack Ecosystem tutorial based on Exobook, where you'll get to dive into exploring tools such as cloudmonkey, Apache Libcloud, ec2stack and Ansible. Learn more!

Crash Course in Open Source Cloud Computing by Mark Hinkle
Tuesday July 22nd at 11:30am –12:10pm

This crash course is designed to give an overview of cloud computing architecture and the open source software that can be used to deploy and manage a cloud computing environment.Topics to be discussed in this session will include virtualization (KVM, LXC and Xen Project), orchestration (Apache CloudStack, Eucalyptus, Open Nebula and OpenStack) and storage (GlusterFS, Ceph and others). The talk will also provide insight into how to deliver Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and what technologies can be used to compliment this evolving cloud computing paradigm.

Understanding Hypervisor Selection in Apache CloudStack by Tim Mackey
Wednesday, July 23rd at 2:30pm –3:10pm

In this session we'll take a fairly deep look at key areas such as networking and storage, and map the capabilities of each hypervisor into CloudStack features. Attendees will learn how to build a single hypervisor based cloud using the hypervisor of their choice, and how to successfully extend that cloud to utilize multiple hypervisors.

An Introduction to Apache CloudStack by David Nalley
Monday, July 21st, 2014 at Open Cloud Day


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