Friday, June 13, 2014

Book Review - Managing Windows Servers with #Chef by John Ewart

Managing Windows Servers with Chef
Managing Windows Servers with Chef
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4.0 out of 5 stars Nice intro on using Chef with WindowsJune 13, 2014
This book gives a great intro on how to use Chef within a Windows only or heterogeneous environment. The author take you over a brief overview of Chef architecture and how it is used. He continues with explaining the differences and similarities of the commands used in managing a Windows environment like windows_package, windows_reboot, windows_ziplfile, etc. Then the author takes the reader through actually running a predefined application set to show the power of using chef with Windows. Next up is using Chef on cloud services. The author then touches on building upon Chef and test-driven-delivery with RSpec and ChefSpec. If you have some Chef experience it will all be crystal clear. If you are a beginner, learn the basics of Chef, then tackle Windows. I really enjoyed this book. I wish it was out earlier as I predominately use Chef with Windows and it would have been a great resource to have when I was starting out. I highly recommend this book!

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