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Webinar Recap: Production Ready DBaaS for Cloud Foundry [feedly]

Webinar Recap: Production Ready DBaaS for Cloud Foundry
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Last week, CumuLogic hosted a webinar titled "Production Ready DBaaS for Cloud Foundry".  We were extremely pleased with the turnout and the level of engagement from the participants. To us, this validates our belief that enterprises deploying PaaS internally are strongly interested in ensuring that the backend services (databases in particular) used by the application owners are able to be trusted as production ready systems.

Beyond some of the more straight forward questions asking about the functionality of our solution, there were a few questions that we believe are worth sharing (with answers) with a broader audience:

Are you also looking into commercial partnerships like Oracle and MS SQL? Is MariaDB supported?

We are actively working on supporting Oracle and MS SQL Server, and have targeted support for a release later on this year. MariaDB has also come up in conversation with customers, and we are currently evaluating adding it to our formal road maps.

New database technologies are being created at a rapid pace. CumuLogic believes that the best approach to determining which engines to support is to be entirely customer driven. If you have a specific engine in mind that we don't yet support, don't hesitate to get in touch and ask about adding it to our product!

How is the licensing of the underneath services handled ? (by customer, by CumuLogic, on demand ?)

CumuLogic acts as a orchestration engine for the supported database engines. Many of these engines can be used via their open source license for no additional charge, or an enterprise may choose to enter into a support agreement to ensure a high level of support for the deployed systems. CumuLogic does not offer licensing of the database engines, but is more than happy to help you connect with our partners (companies like MongoDB and CouchBase). For commercial database products, such as Oracle and MS SQL, the answer is the same.  CumuLogic's software will take care of the provisioning and management of these databases, but it's up to the enterprise to ensure that there is an appropriate licensing agreement in place for your use of those systems.

Do you have CumuLogic to implement in private cloud as well?

This one has come up a number of times, in various forums. The answer is quite simple really: CumuLogic offers software that allows you to offer DBaaS within your own environment. We can do this in conjunction with many of the most popular IaaS software systems (including vCloud Director, OpenStack, CloudStack and Eucalyptus), or even on bare metal and pools of virtual machines. In addition to supporting private infrastructure, we also support several hybrid scenarios. In these deployments, our controller gets configured to expose both public and private clouds as infrastructure targets to the users.

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