Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Welcoming Cavium as latest Xen Project Advisory Board member [feedly]

Welcoming Cavium as latest Xen Project Advisory Board member

Cavium-Logo-TransparentWe're excited to welcome Cavium as our newest Xen Project Advisory Board member today. Since becoming a Linux Foundation Collaborative Project with eleven founding members, we announced five new members, including ARM, NetApp, Rackspace and Verizon Terremark.

Today's announcement of Cavium's ThunderX™ SoC Family, a scalable family of 64-bit ARMv8 processors incorporated into a highly differentiated SoC architecture optimized for cloud and data center applications, and Cavium's deep engagement with hardware ecosystem vendors and software vendors and communities makes Cavium a valuable member and future contributor of the Xen Project. I am particularly excited about the future potential for Cavium's ThunderX™ SoC Family targeted at the volume server market in addition to hyperscale and cloud, which goes way beyond the microserver concept we have seen in ARM SoCs so far. The Xen Project hypervisor shows great promise for this new class of SoCs.

Committed to ARMv8 standards, Cavium is driving key server capabilities, such as GICv3 with 48 core support along with multi-socket cache coherency up to 96 cores in a dual socket configuration. Cavium has already started working with the Xen Project community to enhance the hypervisor to support these technologies. These contributions will complement a growing community of Xen Project developers from ARM, AMD, Applied Micro, Broadcom, Citrix, Galois, GlobalLogic and Samsung, among others, that are already contributing to ARM support.

In addition, Cavium's history in security and networking, both areas where Xen Project technology has an edge, will likely lead to interesting new innovations within our community in the future.

"Xen Project virtualization is at the heart of our new ThunderX™ SoC Family targeted at users needing easier deployment, lower downtime and improved management and utilization," said Larry Wikelius, Director Thunder Ecosystems and Partner Enablement at Cavium and Cavium's representative on the Xen Project Advisory Board. "Xen Project software is proven in the cloud and first to market with ARM support. Collaboration with the open Xen Project community will be extremely valuable as data centers evolve in the future."

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