Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Guest Editorial: “Build fast, then build right” by Kate Matsudaira [feedly]

Guest Editorial: "Build fast, then build right" by Kate Matsudaira
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The second entry from our upcoming collection of editorials entitled The Quiet Revolutionaries comes from our friend Kate Matsudaira, founder of popforms. Kate takes a look at the various degrees of speed and scale at play in IT today, and gives her guidance on delivering quality software quickly, beginning with the minimum viable product. Kate writes:

"…the pressure is on to deliver new code and new software solutions much faster, customer demand is relentless and escalating in intensity and speed. There is an almost immediate need that has to be fulfilled each and every day. And only automated and continuous delivery of code can meet that need in businesses of all sizes. It's clearly a competitive imperative – and one that businesses must now approach differently as demand for "now" replaces demand for "perfect". I advocate building v1 fast, then building v2 right…"

You can read the editorial in its entirety over at Also, if you missed it, be sure to check out Phil Dibowitz's (from Facebook) editorial on how automation and code enable businesses to adapt more quickly here.

We'll be publishing the full Quiet Revolutionaries collection soon!



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