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Release: Chef Client 11.14.2 [feedly]

Release: Chef Client 11.14.2
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Ohai Chefs,

Today we have released 11.14.2 of Chef Client. We found a regression while releasing 11.14.0 that was significant enough that we cancelled the release and fixed the bug.


Previous 11.10.0 MVP Nikhil Benesch has once again improved the Chef workflow for all of us, this time for leading the effort on parallelizing cookbook synchronization. Thank you for making this long awaited improvement a reality, Nikhil. We can't help but name you MVP again! Everyone give @nikhilbenesch a high-five for his continued contributions to the project.


Highlights of the release are:

  • Parallelized cookbook synchronization which dramatically improves the initial Chef run performance.
  • knife serve command which can serve a Chef repository with Chef Zero.
  • Ability to whitelist the saved node attributes during a Chef run.
  • Honoring configured proxy environment variables across the Chef runs.
  • Brand new ffi-yajl gem that fixes several JSON parsing bugs and improves the JSON parsing performance.

You can read more about these highlights here. You can see the full list of changes here.


In this we have more than 40 contributions from the awesome Chef community. Here are the folks who have contributed code to this release:

  • Phil Dibowitz: SIGTERM will once-more kill a non-daemonized chef-client (CHEF-5172)
  • Pierre Ynard: chef-service-manager should run as a non-interactive service (CHEF-5150)
  • Paul Russell: Fix file:// URI support in remote_file on windows (CHEF-4472)
  • John Dyer: Catch HTTPServerException for 404 in remote_file retry (CHEF-5116)
  • Pavel Yudin: Providers are now set correctly on CloudLinux. (CHEF-5182)
  • Joe Richards: Made -E option to work with single lettered environments. (CHEF-3075)
  • Jimmy McCrory: Added a 'knife node environment set' command. (CHEF-1910)
  • Hongbin Lu: Made bootstrap report authentication exceptions. (CHEF-5161)
  • Richard Manyanza: Made freebsd_package resource use the brand new "pkgng" package manager when available.(CHEF-4637)
  • Nikhil Benesch: Implemented a threaded download queue for synchronizing cookbooks. (CHEF-4423)
  • Chulki Lee: Raise an error when source is accidently passed to apt_package (CHEF-5113)
  • Cam Cope: Add an open_timeout when opening an http connection (CHEF-5152)
  • Sander van Harmelen: Allow environment variables set on Windows to be used immediately (CHEF-5174)
  • Luke Amdor: Add an option to configure the chef-zero port (CHEF-5228)
  • Ricardo Signes: Added support for the usermod provider on OmniOS
  • Anand Suresh: Only modify password when one has been specified. (CHEF-5327)
  • Stephan Renatus: Add exception when JSON parsing fails. (CHEF-5309)
  • Xabier de Zuazo: OK to exclude space in dependencies in metadata.rb. (CHEF-4298)
  • Łukasz Jagiełło: Allow cookbook names with leading underscores. (CHEF-4562)
  • Michael Bernstein: Add Code Climate badge to README.
  • Phil Sturgeon: Documentation that -E is not respected by knife ssh [search]. (CHEF-4778)
  • Stephan Renatus: Fix resource_spec.rb.
  • Sander van Harmelen: Ensure URI compliant urls. (CHEF-5261)
  • Robby Dyer: Correctly detect when rpm_package does not exist in upgrade action. (CHEF-5273)
  • Sergey Sergeev: Hide sensitive data output on chef-client error (CHEF-5098)
  • Mark Vanderwiel: Add config option :yum-lock-timeout for
  • Peter Fern: Convert APT package resource to use provides :package, add timeout parameter.
  • Xabier de Zuazo: Fix Chef::User#list API error when inflate=true. (CHEF-5328)
  • Raphaël Valyi: Use git resource status checking to reduce shell_out system calls.
  • Eric Krupnik: Added .project to git ignore list.
  • Ryan Cragun: Support override_runlist CLI option in shef/chef-shell. (CHEF-5314)
  • Cam Cope: Fix updating user passwords on Solaris. (CHEF-5247)
  • Ben Somers: Enable storage of roles in subdirectories for chef-solo. (CHEF-4193)
  • Robert Tarrall: Fix Upstart provider with parameters. (CHEF-5265)
  • Klaas Jan Wierenga: Don't pass on default HTTP port(80) in Host header. (CHEF-5355)
  • MarkGibbons: Allow for undefined solaris services in the service resource. (CHEF-5347)
  • Allan Espinosa: Properly knife bootstrap on ArchLinux. (CHEF-5366)
  • Matt Hoyle: Made windows service resource to handle transitory states. (CHEF-5319, CHEF-4791)
  • Brett cave: Add Dir.pwd as fallback for default user_home if home directory is not set. (CHEF-5365)
  • Caleb Tennis: Add support for automatically using the Systemd service provider when available. (CHEF-3637)
  • Matt Hoyle: Add timeout for Chef::Provider::Service::Windows. (CHEF-1165)
  • Jesse Hu: knife[:attribute] in knife.rb should not override –attribute (CHEF-5158)
  • Vasiliy Tolstov: Added the initial exherbo linux support for Chef providers.

How to get it?

As usual you can get this release with our install script on non-windows platforms:

curl -L | sudo bash -s -- -v 11.14.2

You can download this release for Windows using this link:

Chef Client 11.14.2

Let us know if you run into any issues with this release.


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