Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Chef Client Release: 11.16.4 [feedly]

Chef Client Release: 11.16.4
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Ohai Chefs,

Today we've made a new patch release for Chef Client: 11.16.4. This release includes security fixes and a few major bug fixes. Here is the list of changes included in this release:

  • Windows omnibus installer security updates for redistributed bash.exe / sh.exe vulnerabilities ("Shellshock") CVE-2014-6271, CVE-2014-6278, CVE-2014-7186, CVE-2014-7187.
  • Fix bug on Windows where using the env resource on path could render the path unusable.
  • Chef Client now retries when it gets 50X from Chef Server.
  • Chef Client 11.16.4 can use the policyfiles generated with Chef DK 0.3.0.

As usual, this command will download the latest version of the Chef client on platforms other than windows:

curl -L | sudo bash -s — -v 11.16.4

You can download this release for Windows using this link:

Chef Client 11.16.4

If you have any problems with this release, you can file an issue at GitHub.


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