Wednesday, October 29, 2014

ChefDK 0.3.2 Released! [feedly]

ChefDK 0.3.2 Released!
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Hi Chefs,

We've released ChefDK 0.3.2. This release fixes a handful of issues with the SSL configuration in ChefDK. Most importantly, we've rolled back the version of the CA Certificate bundle included in ChefDK. A recent update to the certificate bundle removed the root certificate used by AWS, which meant that connections to EC2 APIs and S3 storage would fail certificate validation. More information about this issue can be found in these bug reports:

Also in this Release

  • Fixed a packaging bug that made the CA certificate bundle only readable by root on Unix systems.
  • Re-enabled OpenSSL packaging fixes on Windows that were accidentally disabled in 0.3.0.
  • Add a generator for Policyfiles.

What Happened to 0.3.1?

While investigating the CA certificate issue, we initially believed it to be caused by OpenSSL packaging issues on Windows, which we fixed in the 0.3.1 build. Since this didn't fix the issue, we decided not to announce it or update the download page.

Install it

You can view the full changelog for this release on the ChefDK GitHub page.

Packages are available on the ChefDK downloads page.


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