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Why is Bromium InDemand? [feedly]

Why is Bromium InDemand?
// A Collection of Bromides on Infrastructure

Recently LinkedIn recognized Bromium as one of the 10 most InDemand startups in the Bay Area. Thank you LinkedIn, and thank you Bay Area Tech Community!

A number of folks, prospective and current co-workers, investors, customers, and friends have periodically asked me: Hey Mr. CEO of hotshot startup, why is your company special? Why should someone want to come to work at Bromium, instead of going elsewhere to another startup or a big company?

What makes Bromium so special?

Two things…

Bromium is special because we have a deep sense of mission. Ensuring the security of Internet users and Internet-connected devices is one of the grand challenges facing us. The current state of affairs is very problematic: our computers and networks are easily and routinely subverted by the bad guys, resulting in great economic loss, and have deep public security implications. We are building mission-critical dependence into every aspect of human activities on cyber-infrastructure that is insecure at its core. We are building a house of cards!

People have lost their faith in the security of our computing infrastructure. Bromium's mission is to restore trust in our computing systems.


Bromium is also a very special place because we have a very unique, and refreshing approach, with some fairly clever and innovative technology that we specially created to help address the cyber-security challenge.

Unlike the rest of the security industry, which relies on increasingly complex algorithms to try and detect malware in incrementally sophisticated ways (and falls further and further behind the bad guys) we rely on isolation to deliver security, using a really cool technology that we invented called micro-virtualization.

With micro-virt, we create disposable (virtual) computers for each Internet task that you need to work on, such as a visit to a website or opening a word document from an email attachment. These virtual computers are created and destroyed automatically behind the scenes as you click, you don't see them!

Any Internet malware that you might inadvertently pick up is kept isolated, in its own micro virtual machine, and then eventually killed off and cleaned up when you are done with the task and close the browser tab or navigate to another website. All this happens without you having to worry about it or even think about it.

The outcomes we deliver for our customers are nothing short of amazing: in a world where there appears to be some much despair and angst around cyber-insecurity, a Brominated customer has a superior endpoint security architecture that greatly reduces their risk and their operations costs, while simultaneously empowering their employees.

Micro-virtualization is the result of many years of the Bromium team working on taking hypervisor technology to the next level. It builds on research and product work that my co-founders and I, and our numerous collaborators and co-workers did over the course of the last decade across many different use-cases of virtualization. This is deep systems work – the type you get to do at very few companies. We have engineers and teams that work at the UI layer, through the guts of Web Browsers and important applications like Office, through the various layers of OSX, Windows and Android, and finally in the hypervisor itself. Our engineers collaborate with each other and have a unique and powerful understanding of computer systems and the important business of cyber-security.

So if you are a software engineer, looking to build rocket-ship type technology for a great cause, or a sales person that wants to sell and put something very important and meaningful into the hands of every man, woman and child on the planet, then Bromium is one of the special few companies where you belong!


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