Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Even MOAR Windows [feedly]

Even MOAR Windows
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  • How do I figure out how parameterize an MSI install?
  • Key windows-specific resources you should know about: registry_key, env
  • Creating and managing Windows services
    • What is a windows service?
    • Tools, automating creation of services?
    • nssm.cc, procrun
    • How does a service resource relate to Windows services?
    • Explaining "Get-Service", "Start-Service", "Stop-Service"
  • If run chef under the SYSTEM user and sometimes I get weird errors that I can't reproduce while logged in ANSWER: psexec -s some_command.exe
  • What is the pstools suite? Which commands are of particular interest: ANSWER: All of them.
  • Servercore - Can I run Powershell ISE or another editor with server core? Otherwise, how do I edit files?
  • Servercore gotchas
  • Building windows amis for EC2
    • Put code to generate SSL certificate in userdata
    • Connect to instance over winrm
    • Packer is your friend
  • There is a good example in the Ansible codebase, example from knife bootstrap?
  • Is using GNUWIN32 utilities on windows, a bad idea? YES Bryan: less can't read unicode files on win2k12, ls has bizarre issues
  • remote-file editing w/ ISE coming
  • Powershell basics: Do both stdout and stderr return objects? There are actually 7, count 'em 7 streams
  • What is the equivalent of (strace)[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Strace] in Windows?


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