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After Hacking, Sony Relying on Mac, iOS Devices [feedly]

After Hacking, Sony Relying on Mac, iOS Devices
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The devastating cyber attack on Sony Pictures continues to cause problems for the company, and it recently made headlines for leading to the company's decision to pull the film The Interview. The attack affected all computers at the company — all, that is, except those made by Apple.

According to report from TechCrunch, the attacks have left most of the studio "stuck in 1992." Many meetings, for instance, now take place face-to-face rather than via e-mail and text messages.

Source: TechCrunch

"We had barely working email and no voicemail so people talked to each other. Some people had to send faxes. They were dragging old printers out of storage to cut checks," said one source who spoke with Techcrunch. "It was crazy."

Sony Pictures' computers are apparently off-limits until the company figures out the source of the attack, but exceptions have been given to some users of Mac and iOS devices.

"People using Macs were fine," the source says, while adding that "a couple of people had their [non-Mac] computers removed." She added that most work at the company is currently being done on iPads and iPhones.

The source didn't specify why Macs received such preferential treatment, but it's likely owing to Mac OS X's much greater reputation for security compared to Windows.

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