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Announcing Docker Hub Enterprise: Managing Distributed Applications Behind the Firewall [feedly]

Announcing Docker Hub Enterprise: Managing Distributed Applications Behind the Firewall
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DockerCon! There's been a ton of exciting new technology showcased at DockerCon and it's been thrilling to announce Docker Hub Enterprise on stage and to get such positive feedback on it. There were 500+ people in person today hoping to learn how to manage and maintain their distributed applications, and I'm excited to say that those benefits are coming to the enterprise as a turn-key solution. The Docker open platform for distributed applications has enjoyed explosive growth, but prior to today's announcement, enterprises that wanted to use Docker for business critical, differentiated applications had to rely on internal tools hacked on top of the open source project or 3rd party offerings. With Docker Hub Enterprise, we're promising to meet this need with a behind the firewall, enterprise-grade solution.

We've gained a lot of expertise from hosting Docker Hub, we've combined it with your feedback from customer interviews, and we've used that knowledge to bring you a behind the firewall Docker experience. It's a product that:

  • sits at the center of all your Docker workflows
  • has the flexibility to conform to strict enterprise application infrastructure requirements
  • contains the collaboration and authentication controls enterprises expect
  • makes administration simple
  • is customer driven

 We're shipping you a hub that can be placed anywhere. Private datacenter? Check. Public cloud? You betcha. Hybrid public/private clouds? Got that covered too.


Just like the hosted Docker Hub you know and love, Docker Hub Enterprise integrates into your build/test/deploy pipeline and makes development a joy. And just like Docker Hub, when you base your application strategy on the Docker ecosystem and Docker Hub Enterprise, you have the confidence that your container based workflows will remain solid, even with a rapidly changing Docker ecosystem. Why's this the case? Because with your help, Docker Hub Enterprise will be the product defining the future of enterprise distributed applications.

In fact, as I said on stage at DockerCon, these guys, as well as others from the community, are already helping us define that future. And since we love them so much, let's just stick them here again so we can give them props:



We'd love your feedback too. You're the ones that make the Docker ecosystem special. After all, Docker Hub Enterprise is the result of your requests.

You have our promise that Docker Hub Enterprise will always be guided by your feedback and the requests of the customer (that's you!).

But enough of me talking. You're probably dying to learn more and get your hands on it. Check it out @

Jon Chu, DHE Product Manager


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