Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Open Source for DevOps Practices [feedly]

Open Source for DevOps Practices
// MS Open Tech

Do you want to support more agility in your dev, test, and deploy scenarios? Then check out the Open Source for DevOps Practices online course, live, on Wednesday morning (Pacific Time).

Whether you are a Developer or a systems admin in a growing enterprise, you know that modern software applications are heterogeneous. That is, they include both Linux- and Windows-based components. At the same time, development processes continue to become more agile, and operations teams are responding in kind. However, understanding how it all fits together can be very complex.

The Microsoft Virtual Academy has created a number of free courses focusing on DevOps for IT Pros working with Microsoft tools and environments. However, to date these have focused on answering high level questions such as "what is DevOps?" or they have focused on Microsoft tooling to support DevOps processes.

In contrast, this new course looks at examples of open source DevOps tools that Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc. have contributed to in order to enable interoperability. We believe bringing these tools together with the Microsoft tools provides the best opportunity to build out your optimal DevOps processes in a heterogeneous world.

In this live event, we will show you what is possible, from a zero-process environment to a fully automated and deployed production environment. We will include plenty of demo's using specific open source tooling, but also discuss other tools that are alternatives or complements to those we explore in detail.

This is a live session, and while it will be available as video a few weeks after broadcast, it is best to join us during the event itself in order to ask questions of the team. Register today for the free Open Source for DevOps Practices MVA session.


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