Monday, December 15, 2014

UsingChef Issue 33 [feedly]

UsingChef Issue 33
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Using Chef Issue 33

Back from a brief hiatus with tons of great updates. New Chef server and client major releases, great tutorials and even a kickstarter!

UsingChef is coming up on our 1 year anniversary. We'll be sharing some interesting stats and learnings over the past year, stay tuned!


Release: Chef Client 12.0.0
It's here! Chef-Client 12 has been released. There are chef-client upgrade notes and release notes available.
via Chef @chef

Release Notes: Chef Server 12
Chef Server 12 was also released. Checkout the release notes for details. Jump on IRC or the mailing list for help upgrading.
via Chef Docs @chefdocs

Windows containers - package your apps and bootstrap your chef nodes with! is a new container service for Windows with some potentail. This quick walkthrough shows you how to get up and running with Spoon and Chef.
via Matt Wrock @mwrockx

Learning Chef - Chef Server 12
List of changes if you bought Learning Chef Book and want to use Chef Server 12.
via Mischa Taylor @misheska

Push Jobs Server 1.1.5 is out, and more improvements are in the works.
Chef has release Push Jobs as an opensource addon to Chef Server.
via Overheard By @jtimberman

Delightful Application Deployment with Chef by Noah Kantrowitz — Kickstarter
If you've ever tried the application cookbooks the experience has been less than delightful. Noah Kantrowitz started a kickstarter to give them some much needed love.
via Noah Kantrowitz @kantrn

Continuous Deployments with Consul
Interesting use of Consul and Chef together to build your CD pipeline.
via Josh Symonds @Veraticus

Managing a Team Development Environment with Vagrant and Chef
Walks through setting up a team with Vagrant and Chef development environments.
via CenturyLink Cloud @centurylinkcld

Accessing chef node attributes from kitchen tests
There are a few occasions where you may need node data in your integration tests. Matt Wrock shows us how to add a simple recipe to grab that data so it is avertible in test-kitchen.
via Matt Wrock @mwrockx

AWS OpsWorks Update - Support for Existing EC2 Instances and On-Premises Servers
Interesting Update to OpsWorks, you can now have OpsWorks converge nodes outside of AWS.
via Amazon Web Services @awscloud

Adopt a Cookbook
At the Chef Community Summit this year we discussed abandoned supermarket cookbooks. To address part of the larger issue you can now put cookbooks up for adoption.
via Chef @chef

sysadvent: Day 14 - Using Chef Provisioning to Build Chef Server
Or, 'Yo Dawg, I heard you like Chef'. Using Chef provisioning to provision Chef Server.
via SysAdvent @SysAdvent

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