Thursday, January 29, 2015

February Brings Plenty of Xen Project Talks [feedly]

February Brings Plenty of Xen Project Talks
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FOSDEM, Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit, openSUSE Mini-Summit, and SCALE 13X All to Feature Xen Project Content!



Jan 31-Feb 1: Lots of Great Talks at FOSDEM 2015!

FOSDEM is an absolutely huge annual event in Brussels, Belgium, and FOSDEM 15 is a huge event for Xen Project!  Talks include:

If you are planning on attending FOSDEM, or you can make it to Brussels for the weekend, you won't want to miss these sessions!

Feb 19: Xen Project at the Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit

Our team has prepared some great talks at the upcoming Collaboration Summit in Santa Rosa, CA.  Sessions include:

Feb 19: Xen Project and the openSUSE Mini-Summit at SCALE 13X

Xen Project intends to be represented at the openSUSE Mini-Summit at SCALE 13X in Los Angeles, CA.  The details are still being finalized, but join us there!  Keep an eye on the Xen Project Events Calendar for details.

Feb 22: Xen Project, Unikernels, and SCALE 13X

Hear about how Xen Project's facilitation of unikernels can remake the cloud.  Unikernels can create VMs which are smaller and more deployable than Docker, while being much more secure.  Join us for The Next Generation Cloud: Rise of the Unikernel in Los Angeles, CA.




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