Friday, January 16, 2015

Release: Chef Client 11.18.0 [feedly]

Release: Chef Client 11.18.0
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Ohai Chefs,

We've just released Chef 11.18.0. This release includes the following changes:


  • Fix an issue where knife could load commands from a different version of chef in ChefDK. ChefDK #227
  • Removed dependencies on the 'json' gem, replaced with ffi-yajl. Use Chef::JSONCompat library for parsing and printing.
  • Issue 2027 Allow recipe using dsc_script opportunity to install Powershell 4 or higher
  • Issue 2169 Attempt to converge DSC configurations with resources that do not correctly support what-if
  • Seth Vargo Issue 2345 Allow knife to install cookbooks with metadata.json

How to get it?

You can visit our download page.

Additionally you can use this command to download the latest version of the Chef Client on platforms other than windows:

curl -L | sudo bash -s -- -v 11.18.0

For Windows, you can download this version using this link: Chef Client 11.18.0

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