Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Trading for Creedence shirts [feedly]

Trading for Creedence shirts

 -- via my feedly.com reader

While there are still a couple of stops left on the Creedence world tour, we recognize it's impossible for us to cover all of our enthusiastic followers. That being said, we do want to give everyone an opportunity to cover themselves with one of our lovely Creedence World Tour t-shirts. Quite honestly, I've been rather impressed with how popular these have proven to be, and there is no good reason not to provide them to the community at large.


So this is where I offer these lovely shirts to you guys, and hope for something small in return. I'm in the process of revamping xenserver.org and want to add in some quotes about either of XenServer or Creedence. In return for your quote, I'm willing to trade some Creedence shirts. Now of course, I do understand that you might not be in a position to speak on behalf of your employer, so before anything gets posted I'll contact you to verify what can be said; and how you'd be attributed.    

If you're interested, all you need to do is fill out this small survey on Creedence, and select the option to provide a quote. The survey is very short, but the quote you might provide could go a long way to helping others believe in the effort we've put into Creedence, and that XenServer is a compelling platform for them to look at.  Of course, do feel free to forward this to those who might not be following this blog ;)

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