Thursday, February 26, 2015

Chef Server 12.0.5 Released [feedly]

Chef Server 12.0.5 Released
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Today we have released Chef Server 12.0.5. This release includes further updates to provide API support for key rotation, policy file updates, and LDAP-related fixes to user update.

You can find installers on our downloads site.

Updating Users

This release fixes Issue 66. Previously, users in LDAP-enabled installations would be unable to log in after resetting their API key or otherwise updating their user record.

This resolves the issue for new installations and currently unaffected user accounts. However, if your installation has users who have already been locked out, please contact Chef Support ( for help repairing their accounts.

This fix has resulted in a minor change in behavior: once a user is placed into recovery mode to bypass LDAP login, they will remain there until explicitly taken out of recovery mode. For more information on how to do that, see this section of chef-server-ctl documentation.

Key Rotation

We're releasing key rotation components as we complete and test them. This week, we've added API POST support, allowing you to create keys for a user or client via the API.

Key Rotation Is Still A Feature In Progress

Until key rotation is feature-complete, we continue to recommend that you manage your keys via the users and clients endpoints as is done traditionally.


Work on Policyfile support continues to evolve at a rapid pace. This update includes new GET and POST support to named cookbook artifact identifiers. Policyfile is disabled by default, but if you want to familiarize yourself with what we're trying to do, this RFC is a good place to start.

Release Notes

As always you can view the release notes for more details, and the change log for even more.


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