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CloudStack European User Group Roundup – February 2015 [feedly]

CloudStack European User Group Roundup – February 2015
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Once again Trend Micro played host to the CloudStack European user group. And this quarter with Giles Sirett 'working' at CloudStack Day – Brazil, Geoff Higginbottom CTO of ShapeBlue took to the stage to compare the event.

The News

As is customary at the user group, we kicked off with a roundup of news in the CloudStack world since the last meeting. This included a brief look at some of the statistics which had been presented at the CloudStack collaboration conference in Budapest with also information on the upcoming CloudStack days to be held this year.

Our first speaker was Geoff Higginbottom of ShapeBlue. Geoff took the audience through the changes to XenServer's high availability configuration requirements, and the changes to how CloudStack environments are managed required to support the new XenServer requirements.

 [slideshare id=45131436&doc=xenserverhaimprovements-150225102521-conversion-gate01]

Our second speaker was Richard Chart from ScienceLogic. ScienceLogic deliver a hybrid IT monitoring platform enabling organisations to gain holistic end to end visibility across their on-premise and off-premise resources.  Richard focused on the CloudStack plug-in (or Action Pack) for their EM7 product.

[slideshare id=45131322&doc=sciencelogiccloudstacklondonmeetup2015-02-11-150225102310-conversion-gate02]

Next up was Wilder Rodrigues from Schuberg Philis. Wilder is part of the team at Schuberg Philis who have been re-factoring the code for the VPC virtual router.  Wilder took the delegates through the work they have done to clean up the existing code and offer new functionality such as the ability to deploy redundant virtual private cloud routers.

[slideshare id=45131438&doc=demovpcacseugroup-150225102523-conversion-gate01]

The next speaker was Paul Angus from ShapeBlue.  Paul highlighted the major new features and improvements in soon-to-be-released version 4.5 of CloudStack.  Paul then picked out a number of the features to give additional background to them.

 [slideshare id=45131427&doc=whatsnewacs45-150225102513-conversion-gate01]

Last but no means least was Daan Hoogland of Schuberg Philis. Daan explained to the audience the work that is being done by the community to improve the quality of the code produced by the project. Daan finished with a call to arms for contributors to follow the guidelines being developed in order to make it easier for code reviewers to check code and understand its purpose thereby improving the overall standard of code in the project.

 [slideshare id=45131439&doc=london-meetup-feb-2015-150225102523-conversion-gate02]

Thank you to all of the speakers and all of the attendees

The date for the next user group has been provisionally set as 14th May 2015 – We hope to see you there.


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