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MCPc Family Charities Announces $9M Boathouse Project in Cleveland's Flats District


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February 16, 2015 07:00 ET

MCPc Family Charities Announces $9M Boathouse Project in Cleveland's Flats District

MCPc Family Charities Announces a Massive New Boathouse Project in Downtown Cleveland, Representing Cross-Sector Partnerships and Investment in Urban Greenspace

CLEVELAND, OH--(Marketwired - February 16, 2015) - MCPc Family Charities and Mike & Gina Trebilcock have announced today their closure on the purchase of the first phase of a $9 million project in downtown Cleveland's Columbus Peninsula. This project includes rejuvenation of a series of industrial buildings and properties along the Cuyahoga River, with the plan of transforming the site into a shared-use park, fitness center, and collegiate and youth boathouse. Closure on the properties represents the first of a multi-phased project, which will represent more than $9 million in investment in the riverfront. This facility is referred to by insiders as "The Foundry."

For some time, MCPc Family Charities, a 501(c)(3) organization, has worked with MCPc, Inc. to support rowing and sailing programs across Northeast Ohio and the Midwest, including the Cleveland Youth Rowing Association and the Midwest Scholastic Rowing Association. MCPc's chief executive officer, Mike Trebilcock, and his wife, Gina Trebilcock, have made substantial contributions in conjunction with MCPc Family Charities, to create a revolutionary downtown fitness center in support of Cleveland's youth and collegiate rowing and sailing communities, set to be operational by autumn of 2015.

"Youth fitness is more important now than ever -- and rowing and sailing happen to be amazing ways for kids to stay fit, learn discipline, and structure their lives. These kids need a place to develop, advance, and grow -- and with the vehicles of rowing and sailing, and The Foundry is a purpose-built facility. It's our responsibility to the young people of Cleveland to empower them to take up these amazing sports," said Trebilcock. "We're building something here. A first class facility for rowing, sailing, fitness, and youth empowerment -- and we are pleased to have such enthusiastic partners and neighbors in this venture," Trebilcock continued.

Trebilcock is referring to neighbors such as the Cleveland Metroparks, who have recently invested $2.9 million in the Scranton Peninsula including the new creation of Merwin's Wharf, and the City of Cleveland, who has completed the renovation of the Columbus Road bridge, an arterial thoroughfare in Cleveland's Flats neighborhood.

Cleveland Metroparks' Chief Executive Officer, Brian Zimmerman, commented on The Foundry, saying, "The Foundry is a catalyst for expanded greenspace and recreation opportunities that compliment Cleveland Metroparks' development in the Columbus Peninsula and Lake Link Trail. It represents the exact kind of strong public/private partnerships that will continue to bolster redevelopment in the city's urban core."

Trebilcock echoed Zimmerman's statements, saying, "The Foundry is a symbol of downtown Cleveland's potential. Public/private partnerships, personal growth and empowerment, fitness and recreation -- all of these things are why we wanted to make this place come alive. This gray, post-industrial scene is fading away, and something dynamic, strong, and green is emerging from its shadow."

Gina Trebilcock, the joint leader of The Foundry project with husband Mike, remarked on the groundswell of interest in economic rejuvenation in The Flats district of Cleveland. "Here is the current picture of The Flats: realization of potential. There is an undercurrent of energy in this booming community that we are proud to be a part of -- and that includes the fusion of long time establishments and new neighbors," she said.

MCPc Family Charities has been coordinating with the City of Cleveland on The Foundry project since almost its inception. Tracey Nichols, director of economic development, commented, saying, "The commitment of people like Mike & Gina Trebilcock and their MCPc Family Charities organization is a great example of how our businesses and citizens are making commitments to help make our city a great place to live, work and play. The City has provided assistance with environmental assessments at the site and we look forward to seeing the plans at the Planning Commission for this project that will increase citizen access to the river."

MCPc Family Charities also commented on the project. Andy Jones, MCPc's president and the chairman of MCPc Family Charities, said: "Part of our mission is to invest in our youth -- and the inherent discipline, life skills, teamwork, mental toughness -- all of these things allow them to see beyond their classroom, and may afford future opportunities in education. The elements taught in these sports should be made accessible as much as possible."

The most materially impacted group that The Foundry touches is, of course, the rowers and sailors themselves. Matt Previts, director of rowing for the Cleveland Youth Rowing Association (CYRA, pronounced "see-ra"), is ecstatic about the direction of the facility and the unparalleled bandwidth that it provides to the CYRA program. "The Foundry boathouse and park are transformational for youth and collegiate rowing in Cleveland." Previts continued to remark on the inherent benefits of the sport, saying, "This facility will enable young men and women from all backgrounds to experience the challenges, joys, and growth that are trademark outcomes of rowing." CYRA has partnered with CMSD Rows, a nonprofit enabling students in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District to be able to row, mixing students from within the City of Cleveland and its surrounding suburbs on a daily basis.

The vision for The Foundry is to enable the creation, expansion and success of youth and collegiate rowing and sailing programs by developing facilities that provide competitive rowing and sailing environments for all of Cleveland's youth.

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About MCPc Family Charities

MCPc Family Charities is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization based in Cleveland, Ohio. As the flagship charitable organization associated with MCPc, Inc., MCPc Family Charities embodies the MCPc corporate mission, vision, and values while supporting those in need, particularly families and children.

About Cleveland Metroparks

Cleveland Metroparks is a separate political subdivision of the State of Ohio. It is governed by a Board of Park Commissioners, comprised of three citizens who serve three-year terms without compensation. Board members are appointed by the senior judge of the Probate Court of Cuyahoga County, currently the Honorable Judge Anthony J. Russo. Cleveland Metroparks is the largest landholder in Cuyahoga County and is responsible for the management of 18 distinct reservations, including more than 100 miles of parkways, eight golf courses, seven visitor/nature centers and Cleveland Metroparks Zoo.

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