Monday, February 23, 2015

UsingChef Issue 36 [feedly]

UsingChef Issue 36
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Using Chef Issue 36

While compiling this newsletter it occurred to me that the chef community is quite a diverse group of people. Windows/*nix Admins, DBAs, Ruby coders and more. Thats what makes it fun to be a part of! On to the news -


Help test the future of Windows Infrastructure Testing on Test-Kitchen
Windows test kitchen has made huge improvements over the past few months. Go give the preview a try and report bugs.
via Matt Wrock @mwrockx

Hacking AWS OpsWorks
A great overview of OpsWorks from a fairly large operation. They also built a gem opsicle to help manage OpsWorks.
via Andy Fleener @andyfleener

Chef 12.1.0 chef_gem resource warnings
If you use chef_gem resource there are some changes coming in chef 12.1.0.
via Chef Office Hours @ChefOfficeHours

Integrating Chef with OpenStack instances
A good example of using cloud-init to bootstrap chef on OpenStack.
via Dan @

Learning configuration management as a DBA
A tale from a DBA who went from How To docs to managing a DB cluster with chef.
via DB Smasher @dbsmasher

Simplify OpsWorks Dev with Packer
In a follow up to his recently updated Virtualizing AWS OpsWorks with Vagrant Michael Greiling takes a look at how to make developing in OpsWorks easier with Packer.
via Michael Greiling @mikegreiling

A new kind of Resource: the resource cookbook
Chef Resources are incredibly important to creating good, useful, reusable cookbooks. Yet people often don't create them because it's harder than it should be. We need to change that.
via John Keiser @jkeiser

Zap Cookbook
Zap is a very interesting cookbook that removes resources (users, directories, etc) that are not managed by chef.
via Joe Nuspl @JoeNuspl

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