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Now that Creedence has shipped as XenServer 6.5, and we've even addressed some early issues with hotfixes (in record time no less), it was time to give a bit of an update as well. All of the content you've known to be on is still here, but this face lift is the first in a series of changes you'll see coming over the next few months.

Our Role

The role of will be shifting slightly from what we did in 2014 with an objective that by the end of 2015 it is the portal virtualization administrators use to find the information they need to be successful with XenServer. That's everything from development blogs, pre-release information, but also deeper technical content. Not everything will be hosted on, but we'll be looking for the most complete and accurate content available. Recognizing that commercial support is a critical requirement for production use of any technology, if we list a solution we'll also state clearly if its use is commercially supportable by Citrix or whether it could invalidate your support contract. In the end, this about successfully running a XenServer environment, so some practices presented might not be "officially sanctioned" and tested to the same level as commercially supported features, but are known by the community to work.

Community Content

The new will also have prominent community content. By its very nature, XenServer lives in a data center ecosystem populated by third party solutions. Some of those solutions are commercial in nature, and because commercial solutions should always retain "supported environment" status for a product, we've categorized them all under the "Citrix Ready" banner. Details on Citrix Ready requirements can be found on their FAQ page. Other solutions can be found within open source projects. We on the XenServer team are active in many, and we're consolidating information you'll need to be successful with various projects under the "Community" banner.

Commercial Content

We've always promoted commercial support on, and that's not changing. If anything, you'll see us bias a bit more towards promoting both support and some of the premium features within XenServer. After-all there is only one XenServer and the only difference between the installer you get from and from is the EULA. Once you apply a commercial license, or use XenServer as part of an entitlement within XenDesktop, you are bound by the same commercial EULA regardless of where the installation media originated.

Contributing Content

Public content contributions to have always been welcome, and with our new focus on technical information to run a successful XenServer installation, we're actively seeking more content. This could be in the form of article or blog submissions, but I'm willing to bet the most efficient way will be just letting us know about content you discover. If you find something, tweet it to me @XenServerArmy and we'll take a look at the content. If it is something we can use, we'll write a summary blog or article and link to it. Of course before that can happen we'll need to verify if the content could create an unsupported configuration and warn users upfront if it does.


What kind of content are we looking for? That's simple, anything you find useful to manage your XenServer installation. It doesn't matter how big or small that might be, or what tooling you have in place, if it helps you to be productive, we think that's valuable stuff for the community at large.     

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