Thursday, March 19, 2015

Docker Image for CumuLogic DBaaS for private clouds [feedly]

Docker Image for CumuLogic DBaaS for private clouds
// Build AWS-compatible Private Clouds with CumuLogic

docker logoWe just released a Docker image for running DBaaS for private/hybrid clouds. Image is available on Docker Hub and can be downloaded by   running:   $docker pull cumulogic/cumulogic:v1.2

What's included in this image?

  • This is only demo version of CumuLogic controller.
  • This is full featured version of the product and includes most of the functionality supported in current release.
  • Database engines supported are MySQL, Percona Server and MongoDB 2.x
  • Integration with Amazon Cloud, OpenStack, CloudStack private clouds.
  • Support for provisioning database instances on a pool for provisioned virtual machines or bare metal servers
  • Supports CentOS 6.x and RHEL
  • MySQL instances support:
    • Percona Clustermysql logo
    • MySQL Single node instances with capability to launch read-only replica sets on multiple zones
    • Multi-AZ instances – provisions cluster nodes across multiple zones
    • Capability to add/remove nodes and replica nodes as desired without database interruption
    • Full monitoring of system metrics as well as MySQL metrics
    • Automated failover recovery to handle failures on disk, network, VMs and zones
    • Automated snapshots and manual backups
    • Notifications on events of critical importance
  • MongoDB instances support:mongodb-logo
    • Single node MongoDB instances
    • Replicasets
    • Auto provisioning of arbiter nodes based on the topology requested
    • Sharding with or without replica sets
    • Capability to add/remove replicasets
    • Capability to add additional shards
    • Automated failure recovery of replica nodes and shards
    • Automated full backups and snapshots
    • Monitoring and performance metrics

More details are available at

Drop us a line at support [AT] cumulogic [DOT] com for any questions or help with running this image.


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