Friday, March 6, 2015

Enterprise Chef 11.3.0 Release [feedly]

Enterprise Chef 11.3.0 Release
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In January we released Chef analytics 1.1 which added some great new features including

  • a flexible rules engine for notifications
  • inline diffs in the actions view
  • a new webhook notification destination

At the time of the release, Chef analytics relied upon features only available in Chef Server 12.

We're really excited by these features in Chef analytics and want to make them available to customers who haven't yet migrated to Chef Server 12. Therefore we've back ported the required changes from Chef Server 12 to Enterprise Chef 11, so you can use Chef analytics 1.1.x with Enterprise Chef 11. The upgrade path is straight forward if you're already on Chef analytics 1.0.0 or higher and requires 2 steps:

A web page detailing all the new features in Chef Analytics can be found here.

Release Notes

What's New

The following items are new for Enterprise Chef 11.2.6 and/or are changes from previous versions:

  • Support the use of Chef Analytics 1.1 with Enterprise Chef 11

Bug Fixes:

The following items are the set of bug fixes that have been applied since Enterprise Chef 11.2.6:

  • Ensure nginx restarts on frontends after lua-related changes


11.3.0 (2015-02-19)

  • Ensure nginx restarts on frontends after lua-related changes
  • Backport the export of oc-id analytics configuration information in actions-source.json


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