Monday, March 9, 2015

UsingChef Issue 37 [feedly]

UsingChef Issue 37
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Using Chef Issue 37

ChefConf 2015 is right around the corner! Unfortunately I won't see you there this year but will be following all the great content on twitter and the live streams for others who aren't able to attend. Look for this years UsingChef - ChefConf 2015 Edition for a recap.


Enough 'I Have X, I Don't Need Configuration Management' already.
A great article about new tooling that claims to not need configuration management, but are really just falling back into the same bunch of imperative bash scripts.
via Julian C. Dunn @julian_dunn

Chef Client 12.1.0 Released
Too many of new features added to chef-client to list here. The biggest one in my opinion is the new Validatorless Bootstraps. Also check out thedetailed release notes
via Chef @chef

Continuos Integration and Delivery with Packer/Chef/AWS
A walk through of an environment setup along with the challenges and trade offs they made along the way.
via Chef @Goncalo Pereira

chef-server Cookbook 3.0
The re-write of the chef-server cookbook has been updated for chef 12 along with LWRPs for managing chef resources.
via Chef @chef

Manage Azure virtual machine using Chef
Introductory article on setting up you're Azure credentials with knife-azure.
via Fabien Dibot @fdibot

Calling knife commands from ruby without shelling out
When scripting with knife, I usually fall back to the ol'shellout. Matt Wrock shows us it's actually pretty easy to interact with knife via ruby.
via Matt Wrock @mwrockx

GoatOS is a Chef cookbook to build and test chef
via Ranjib Dey @ranjib

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