Thursday, May 21, 2015

Bromium Appoints Ian Pratt as CEO and Ravi Khatod as COO [feedly]

Bromium Appoints Ian Pratt as CEO and Ravi Khatod as COO
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By: Ian Pratt, co-founder & CEO

After four successful years of leadership, our co-founder Gaurav Banga is leaving Bromium.  I am taking the reins at Bromium for the next chapter of its growth, and am excited to lead the company as we expand our product portfolio and deliver uncompromising security to customers worldwide.

Gaurav has done a fantastic job leading the company to the strong position we now find ourselves in, and I'd like to thank him for his dedication, insight and friendship.   We all wish him well.

I'm thrilled also to announce that Ravi Khatod joined Bromium today as Chief Operating Officer. Ravi brings a wealth of experience that is perfectly matched to Bromium's needs as our development, marketing and sales activities ramp: He has successfully delivered endpoint security products to the enterprise market, and has an intimate understanding of our competitive environment.  He will help Bromium to scale with a focus on operational excellence, and has a commitment to customer success and value.

Ravi and I are excited to be working with such a phenomenal team to transform enterprise security in such a profound way using micro-virtualization.    There is huge need for our products and we are looking forward to yet another fantastic year.  We are committed to Bromium's success by delivering enduring value to our customers — putting an end to enterprise breaches and empowering end-users.


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