Friday, May 29, 2015

Increase your ELK herd with [feedly]

Increase your ELK herd with
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At work, I recently had a need to put in place a scalable logging solution based around the ELK stack.

IssueswithMulticastnetworking aside,  Elasticsearch scales pretty well on its own without the need for any additional overheads, however discovering whether a node is online or not and connecting only to available nodes can be tricky.

Scaling Logstash can be tricky, but it basically involves adding more Logstash servers to the mix and pointing them at your Elasticsearch cluster by defining multiple hosts in your Logstash configuration.

Kibana (like most web applications) can only have one Elasticsearch host defined in the config, so scaling out Kibana is more difficult.

The above raises the question – how do I know which Elasticsearch node to point my configuration at if I don't know whether they are there or not.

The answer came in the form of  If you've not looked at…

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