Saturday, May 23, 2015

New ticket statuses on [feedly]

New ticket statuses on
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I just wanted to mention that we've created a couple of new ticket statuses on, which should make it clearer where a ticket has got to in its lifecycle.

Acknowledged Issue will be used when we've done initial triage on the issue, determined that it is a genuine problem, and made a ticket in our internal issue tracker for it. Previously we've varied between leaving these Open, and closing them as Done, but neither choice was very satisfactory, so we decided that a new status was needed. Even when an issue is acknowledged, there is no guarantee when it will be fixed; however, when it has been fixed in the latest nightly builds, we will come back and move the ticket to Done.

Wishlist is for feature requests and the like, as opposed to bugs. They will generally be assigned to our Product Management team. Again, they have a different lifecycle because, while we welcome the feedback on what features are important to you, they may be implemented only much later, if at all, depending on all the priorities which the Product Managers are receiving from different sources.

Several tickets have been converted to these two new statuses already, and hopefully it will give you a clearer idea what we're doing with them than just leaving them all as Open.

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