Friday, May 1, 2015

The Cloudcast Containers + Data Persistence [feedly]

The Cloudcast Containers + Data Persistence
// The Cloudcast (.NET)

Aaron and Brian talk to Clint Kitson (@clintonskitson; Developer Advocate - EMC {code}) about how containers and microservices deal with data persistence, as well as some of the work that he's doing lately and what other projects are looking at for containers + data.

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Show Notes:

Clint's Projects:

Topic 1 - Give us a little bit of your background and what some of your focus areas are these days?

Topic 2 - You live in the Bay Area, but also attend events and talk to companies outside the Bay Area. Give us some perspective on how different those world are.

Topic 3 - People have heard of 12-Factor Apps and Microservices. Give us the basics of how they are different from "traditional apps", especially in the context of using/storage/managing data.

Topic 4 - A while back, I asked you to start digging into the area of "data + containers", because I wanted to better understand how these new application architectures would deal with persistent data.

Topic 5 - Tell us about some of the project you're currently working on

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