Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Chef Server 12.1.0 RC3 Now Available [feedly]

Chef Server 12.1.0 RC3 Now Available
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Ohai Chefs,

We're pleased to announce that Chef Server 12.1.0 RC3 is now available for download. RC3 is the follow-up to RC1, which we announced on May 28th.

What's New Since RC1

  • Erlang 17: We've upgraded the Erlang distribution that we ship with the Chef Server to Erlang 17.5
  • Solr Upgrade Fixes: We've fixed an issue that prevented Chef Server from running the latest version of Solr after an upgrade. If you upgraded from a previous version, you would continue to run the version of Solr that shipped with that Chef Server.
  • Actions Messages Password Filtering: The Chef Server now filters out password information before sending data off to the Chef Analytics queue.

What happened to RC2

We had to skip RC2 for this release because it encountered a failure during the build and release process. Remediations were made to the process and the version was bumped to RC3 accordingly. RC3 is the follow-up release to RC1.

Where Can I Download It

Release Candidate builds of the Chef Server can be downloaded from the Packagecloud current repository. The direct links to the build are:


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