Monday, July 13, 2015

Running Your Own Private Supermarket [feedly]

Running Your Own Private Supermarket
// Chef Software

Two versions of Supermarket exists - the public community cookbooks site, as well as a private version that companies can run behind a firewall. This webinar will focus on running your own private version of Supermarket. First, we will go through the reasons why you might wish to use your own version of Supermarket, rather than the public Supermarket site. We will also guide you through using Chef to setup up a stand alone version of Supermarket on your own infrastructure, then show you how to use and maintain it. Finally, we will cover the various options and tools you can use with a private Supermarket and how they might best contribute to your workflow. You will come away from the webinar empowered to set up and use your very own Chef Supermarket.

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