Monday, July 13, 2015

The Cloudcast AWS CloudMgmt-as-a-Service [feedly]

The Cloudcast AWS CloudMgmt-as-a-Service
// The Cloudcast (.NET)

Description: Brian talks to Joel Davne (@woggenager, CEO of @cloudnexa) and MJ DiBerardino (CTO @cloudnexa) about the evolution of System Integrators, the evolving AWS ecosystem, Cloud Management -as-a-Service, and what types of applications customers are using with AWS.

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Links from the show:
    Topic 2 - As public cloud was becoming more mainstream, a lot of people were saying that systems integrators (and maybe hosting providers) would go away. Talk about why you call Cloudnexa a "born in the cloud" company, and why your business models and technology are different than more traditional VAR/SI/Hosting models. 
    Topic 3 - Aaron and I are big fans of Simon Wardley, who often talks about AWS having an advantage because they not only learn from their customers, but also from the AWS ecosystem. What are you learning from the AWS marketplace that the mainstream media isn't discussing? 
    Topic 4 - Let's talk about vNOC. I've been saying for a while that Management-as-a-Service is hugely important, because too many companies can't figure out how to operate a cloud - and most really shouldn't be (costly, slow learning curve, wrong skills). 
    Topic 5 - Whenever I read about Cloudnexa or hear you speak, the words "customer value" constantly come out. That goes from the service you offer to pricing models to migrations. Talk about how you think about that in this on-demand world. 
    Topic 6 - The AWS ecosystem is very powerful and diverse - we've had many of the companies on the show. You do some unique things in how you partner with other AWS ecosystem companies. Give us some input about what that means from both a technical perspective and business perspective.


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