Friday, July 24, 2015

The Cloudcast Managing Shared Cloud Resources [feedly]

The Cloudcast  Managing Shared Cloud Resources

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Brian talks to Sumeet Singh (Founder/CEO @AppFormix) his background at Cisco and Microsoft, the challenges of shared infrastructure, how Appformix works across Docker and OpenStack, and what to expect from the start-up moving forward.

Links from the show: 
Topic 1 - Tell us about yourself and some background on AppFormix.

Topic 2 - Let's talk about the core problem that AppFormix is trying to solve. Is this a public cloud problem, or does it also apply to private clouds?

Topic 3 - Let's talk about the AppFormix technology. How does it work? How far does it extend across the infrastructure?

Topic 4 - How will the technology be packaged and go to market? How will customers engage with it?

Topic 5 - How will AppFormix work with other systems that collect/log/monitor information?

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