Sunday, August 16, 2015

The Cloudcast Future of Connected Clouds [feedly]

The Cloudcast  Future of Connected Clouds

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Aaron and Brian talk to Christian Reilly (@reillyusa; CTO @Citrix) about the future. They discuss how far we are from availability and adoption of many of the systems laid out in a futuristic video. They discuss the challenges of modifying long-held social norms and adapting legal environments to adjust to new technology.

Links from the show:

Topic 1 - How much of this is entirely public cloud based vs. on-prem?
- Tesla - Large Screens - Business Stuff in the Cars [TODAY]
- Self Driving Cars
- 3D Holograms with Tablets - Displays
- Seamless Collaboration Handoffs
- What do we call the workable, flat workspaces?
- Movable / Interactive Apps within touch screens

Topic 2 - Seamless blending of business and personal information (eg. calendars) - Embedded Internet in the TV
- A Useful UI on the TV (touch screen) - or is this just a display?
- Wearable medical monitoring ("the patch")
- Elimination of medical paperwork

Topic 3 - Google Glasses (wearable)
- Massively interactive 3D display
- Micro drones from the watch
- Collaboration Tables + Collaboration displays 

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