Monday, September 28, 2015

The Cloudcast Open Source in Europe [feedly]

The Cloudcast Open Source in Europe
// The Cloudcast (.NET)

Brian talks with Rachel Roumeliotis (@rroumeliotis, Co-Chair of OSCON EU) about open-source in Europe, regional diversity, the evolution of open-source for application development and how to select speakers and topics for large events.

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OSCON Europe

Topic 1 - We're a month away from OSCON EU, October 26-28 in Amsterdam. Give us the highlights. What's new and cool?

Topic 2 - We've attended OSCON in Portland several times. It's going through changes as interests change. What about OSCON in Europe. What is the overall vibe in Europe about Open Source? Does it vary widely by region?

Topic 3 - While you're the event chair, your expertise is around Software Architecture. That track has a ton of really interesting topics - Distributed Patterns (Chaos), Microservices, Containers, etc.

Topic 4 - Lots of talk about software-eating-the-world. How much do you see open-source re-shaping infrastructure vs. re-shaping application development. Any favorite examples you'd like to share?

Topic 5 - Diversity at events is always a topic. Sometimes it's gender, sometimes it's culture. Europe is already fairly diverse, but as an OSCON leader, how are you able to influence this and find the right balance between technical insight and speaker/topic variety?


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