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Chef and OpenStack [feedly]

Chef and OpenStack
// Food Fight

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Outline & Show Notes

  • Last OpenStack Episode - Episode 61 - Sept, 2013
    • Grizzly to Havana timeframe
    • Nova - Compute
    • Swift - Object Storage
    • Glance - Image Service
    • Keystone - Identity Service
    • Horizon - Dashboard
    • Neutron - Network Service
    • Cinder - Block Storage Service
    • Ceilometer - Metering Service
    • Heat - Orchestration
  • New services since then:

  • Is OpenStack still relevant?

  • OSOps - The OpenStack Operators project - wiki

  • OSOps is a project to help get shared Operators tools, experiences, and workflows in one location; they may range from useful scripts/configs to fully supported tools.
  • OSOps Contribution Tooling - A place for scripts and tools can get pushed up for the greater OpenStack Operator community to use. There are no coding standards here, but every tool is at least visually checked via the core membership for anything that looks malicious. Use at your own risk.
  • OSOps Generic Tooling - A repo of curated tools and scripts. These have been verified that do what they say, pass our coding standards and have been found useful by the Operating Community.

  • Community App Catalog

  • OpenStack with Chef - the OpenStack Chef cookbooks - wiki

    • The OpenStack Chef cookbooks are the result of a collaborative project to provide building blocks for building out OpenStack-based cloud infrastructure.
    • Contributing to the project - how to introduce yourself to the OpenStack Chef cookbooks and the community







The Food Fight Show is brought to you by Nathen Harvey with help from other hosts and the awesome community of Chefs.

The show is sponsored, in part, by Chef.

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