Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Chef Reporting Release 1.5.6 [feedly]

Chef Reporting Release 1.5.6

-- via my feedly.com reader 

Ohai Chefs,

We are pleased to announce that Chef Reporting 1.5.6 is now available. This release fixes a few bugs including critical functionality for 2016 partitions in the reporting database. The data is currently collected in 2016 partitions in the 1.5.5 reporting release but without this update it won't be visible in the UI.

Note that if you have used the data purge feature introduced in Chef Reporting 1.3.0, please follow the directions here before upgrading to ensure you don't hit an issue in the upgrade process.

Some more insight into the changes with this release:

  •  Avoid unnecessary Ohai plugins during embedded chef-client runs. Preventing issues such as #132.
  • Use Chef 12 for embedded uses of chef-client. This fixes a bug where `omnibus-reporting-ctl reconfigure` would fail because of an encoding problem in Ohai
  • Add missing triggers to 2016 partitions to insert into stale_node_run table in support of materialized views.

The latest version of Chef Reporting is available for download at https://downloads.chef.io/reporting/.


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