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Meet CoreOS In Your Neck of the Woods [feedly]

Meet CoreOS In Your Neck of the Woods
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CoreOS will be all around the globe over the next few weeks. Whether you are an old friend or new, we look forward to meeting you at one of these events.

Keep up to date on all of the CoreOS talks coming up on our community page. If you want to invite CoreOS speakers to any of your events in the future, contact our team for more details.

Community, Meetups and More in Europe

Earlier this month, Joey Schorr, lead engineer from CoreOS, spoke at the CoreOS London Meetup about how CoreOS secures applications throughout every layer of the stack. Stay tuned on the meetup page for details on the recorded presentations.

Berlin Kubernetes Meetup: If you are new to Kubernetes or rkt, a container runtime by CoreOS, come to the Berlin Kubernetes Meetup on Wednesday, January 20 at 18:30. Jonathan Boulle, team lead at CoreOS, will speak about what's new with rkt and Kubernetes.

FOSDEM in Brussels, January 30-31

The CoreOS team is proud to be represented by four speakers at FOSDEM 2016 in Brussels, Belgium. If you miss any of our talks, come by our booth in area "K" to meet us.

Config Management Camp in Gent, Belgium, February 1-2

As a continuation of the FOSDEM celebration, join Jonathan Boulle and Brian Redbeard Harrington at one of the following talks at Config Management Camp (@cfgmgmtcamp) in Gent, Belgium on February 1 and 2.

  • Monday, February 1 at 14:40 – Jonathan (@baronboulle) will discuss etcd on the main track.
  • Tuesday, February 2 at 12:20 – Brian Redbeard (@brianredbeard) will present an overview of CoreOS and more on the container track.
  • Tuesday, February 2 at 15:40 – Jonathan (@baronboulle) will give a talk on rkt and Kubernetes in the main track.

See CoreOS Speak in Asia

Earlier this month, Brandon Philips (@brandonphilips), CTO of CoreOS, visited the Hyderabad Scalability meetup in India. See slides from his talk on etcd.

Container Technology Conference Beijing: On Saturday, January 23, meet Xiang Li (@xiangli0227), engineer at CoreOS, at the Container Technology Conference in Beijing, China. He will provide an overview of CoreOS and a deep dive on container technology.

The Effectiveness of Cloud Computing Users Group: The ECUG group in Beijing will also feature a talk from Xiang Li (@xiangli0227) on Paxos. Meet him January 22-23!

United States Events

We're in California and Pennsylvania this month. Meet us at one of these events!

SCALE 14x: Do you want to adopt distributed systems? Meet CoreOS CTO Brandon Philips (@brandonphilips) in Pasadena, Calif. on Saturday, January 23 at 4:30 p.m. PT at SCALE 14X and learn about all things etcd, a cornerstone database that powers distributed systems.

SF Marketing to Developers Meetup: On Tuesday, January 26, the first meetup for the SF Marketing to Developers group will feature Joe Bowers (@joeatwork), senior engineer with CoreOS, speaking on a panel on developers working with marketing.

CoreOS San Francisco Meetup: Save the date! We'll have our first San Francisco CoreOS meetup of the year on Wednesday, January 27, at 6 p.m. PT at Geekdom SF @ Rackspace San Francisco. More details to come soon. Contact us if you are interested in speaking in front of the CoreOS community!

Philadelphia Microservices Meetup: Alex Crawford, software developer at CoreOS, will be speaking at the first Philadelphia Microservices Meetup on Thursday, January 28 at 6 p.m. ET.

Meet us in Australia at LCA By the Bay

Linux Australia's Linux.conf.au is in Geelong, Victoria this year and will welcome Matthew Garrett (@mjg59), principal security software engineer at CoreOS. He'll present Troublesome Privacy Measures: Using TPMs to protect users on Friday, February 5 at 13:20.

Want to get involved with hosting a CoreOS meetup in your area? Contact us.


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