Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Chef Workflow [feedly]

Chef Workflow
// Chef Software

The Chef workflow is comprised of a set of tools and a series of well-defined steps that support the DevOps principles of automation, collaboration and transparency. With the Chef workflow, you can progress from local development to collaboration across teams. You can identify a problem, correct it in local development, then, through a series of automated gates, prove not just that your code works in isolation, but also in conjunction with its dependencies, even when they're produced by other teams. We call it the Chef workflow because we provide all the components you need to deploy applications and infrastructure with speed and control. ​ In this webinar, Strategic Solutions Architect Ricardo Lupo demonstrates the Chef workflow. He'll use the Chef Compliance server to identify a problem on a server. Next, in local development, he'll use Chef DK to update a cookbook to address those problems and run some tests to verify the changes. ​ Then, he'll use Chef Delivery to automatically move the change through a series of tests and environments that prove its validity and, finally, out to a Chef server. From there, the Chef client will retrieve the updated cookbook and run it on the server to bring it up to policy. At the end of the webinar, you'll know how to take control of your entire deployment pipeline, and understand how the Chef workflow supports DevOps principles.

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