Thursday, February 4, 2016

ICYMI | Chef DOJO: Your DevOps Journey Assessment [feedly]

ICYMI | Chef DOJO: Your DevOps Journey Assessment
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On Tuesday, February 2nd, I co-presented a live webinar on the Chef DevOps Journey Assessment or DOJO with Thomas Enochs, VP Customer Success.

The DOJO is an exercise Chef developed to help companies get better results from their DevOps adoption. It gives your team a shared understanding of where you are on your journey and the desired state you're trying to get to. After we compile the results, patterns emerge and are used to visualize goals and generate custom guidelines towards success.

Watch the recording to find out:

  • Why we created the DOJO and how it can help your organization accelerate DevOps adoption
  • What the DevOps Journey Assessment is and how it's conducted
  • Who in your organization should attend the DOJO exercise
  • How to get it


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