Saturday, February 6, 2016

Supermarket 2.3.3 Release [feedly]

Supermarket 2.3.3 Release
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Supermarket 2.3.3 is now available. This release contains bug fixes, minor enhancements, and security updates. Supermarket version 2.3.3 is a recommended update for all users running their own instances of Supermarket. Packages are available in the stable repository. If you are using the Supermarket omnibus cookbook, upgrading to this version can be as simple as a chef-client run on your hosts—if you've left the version of Supermarket at the default :latest—or updating your wrapper cookbook's attributes to ['supermarket_omnibus']['package_version'] = '2.3.3'. The community Supermarket has already been updated.

Security Fixes:

  • Upgraded OpenSSL in omnibus package
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed display of dependencies for past cookbook versions
  • Added Partner Cookbook badge and search. The upcoming Chef Partner Cookbook program will allow users to find cookbooks jointly developed with Chef by the vendors providing those products.
  • Added chef_versions and ohai_versions to metadata parser in effort towards implementing RFC037
  • Increased the number of contributors shown per page.
Tidying Up:
  • Upgraded RSpec
  • Added rake task to spin up Docker containers for PostgreSQL and Redis in development
  • Added guard for RSpec and Rubocop watchers in development


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