Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Cloudcast #238 - Intel Snap and Cloud Telemetry [feedly]

The Cloudcast #238 - Intel Snap and Cloud Telemetry
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Aaron talks to Matthew Brender (@mjbrender, Developer Advocate for Intel SDIx group) about the journey to the Developer Advocate role, the emerging concept of Intelligent Resource Orchestration (IRO), and Intel's recent release of a telemetry framework, Intel Snap.

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Topic 1 - Let's start at the start, you have had an interesting journey to date in your move into your current role. Give everyone a brief intro to your journey and how you ended up at Intel 

Topic 2 - We've had both Jonathan Donaldson and Nick Weaver on a few times now so we won't rehash the Intel SDI group, but I did want to talk about Nick's blog post introducing Intel Snap. Specifically this concept of automating around stages of IRO (Intelligent Resource Orchestration) and the phases - Watching, Deciding, Acting, Learning. Is Intel creating SkyNet?

Topic 3 - Let's dig into the Snap framework announced in December. This brings to life the stages we previously mentioned through framework plugins for Collecting, Processing, and Publishing

Topic 4 - What will be the early use cases? When and where does Intel envision folks using this framework and for what purpose?

Topic 5 - How has the community embraced this so far? What challenges do you have as a Developer Advocate? What's next for both Snap and SDI in general?


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