Monday, February 22, 2016

The Cloudcast #239 - Deploying Security without Borders [feedly]

The Cloudcast #239 - Deploying Security without Borders
// The Cloudcast (.NET)

Aaron and Brian talk with Alan Cohen (@ascohen, Chief Commercial Officer @illumio) about disrupting long-held technology architectures, the challenge of deploying and operating new technologies, and how Illumio security is designed to work around multiple cloud environments.

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Topic 1 - Give us the 101 on Illumio - Who is the team, What do you build, What's the problem space. Let's talk about your background - Airespace, Nicira, some Advisory companies - you're sort of a "Serial Disrupter".

Topic 2 - The last few weeks we've been talking about the operation challenges of all these cool new technologies (cloud, cloud-native, . Deployment problems, networking problems. Security is right up there at the top of the list of problems. Let's talk about how Illumio Adaptive Security Platform works.

Topic 3 - Security is a little bit like a magician's conference. Lots of cool tricks, and then competitors start trying to disprove it. As a company that's only a couple years old, what's been your biggest surprise that customers have tried to de-mystify and just haven't been able to do?

Topic 4 - This week Illumio made an announcement that seems to take this security model from the application-level to the user-level. What does this mean in the bigger picture of corporate security?

Topic 5 - RSA is coming up in about a week, which is sort of the Super Bowl of Security. Besides the FBI/iPhone privacy stuff, what are the big issues that people should be paying attention to, especially if they are focused on the evolving parts of their business?


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