Saturday, March 26, 2016

Chef at Google’s GCP NEXT [feedly]

Chef at Google's GCP NEXT
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Chef and Google Compute Platform (GCP) make a great team. Chef's automation platform gives you the power and flexibility to implement any DevOps workflow. Google provides massive scale for your high-speed, sophisticated infrastructure. Come join us at Google's GCP NEXT 16 event this week to talk about running on GCP with Chef.

We've updated our tooling to take advantage of GCP's latest features. Chef's knife plugin for Google lets you create, bootstrap and manage Linux and Windows servers and associated storage on Google Compute Engine (GCE). GCE's extremely fast platform, with minute-level billing, makes it perfect for testing your infrastructure quickly and economically. Use our Google plugin for Test Kitchen to make testing Linux and Windows a snap. The GCE cookbook makes managing disks, firewalls, load balancers and many other native GCP resources a part of your Chef workflow.

Knife Plugin for Google Google Plugin for Test Kitchen
If you're interested in getting started with GCP, take advantage of this $300 GCP credit!

With Chef and Google, enterprises can take advantage of all of GCP's features. Chef wants to talk to everyone at NEXT, so please stop by our booth Wednesday and tell us about your Chef and GCP plans!


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