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Take the 2016 State of DevOps Survey [feedly]

Take the 2016 State of DevOps Survey
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We need your help for the 5th State of DevOps Report!

State of DevOps Survey


Without a doubt, one of the projects in my career that I've learned the most from is the State of DevOps Report. This is a project that I've worked on with Jez Humble, Dr. Nicole Forsgren, and the team at Puppet Labs, where we've surveyed over 20,000 technology professionals to understand the health and habits of organizations adopting DevOps.

This is the research that allowed us to characterize the benefits of being a high performing technology organization, as well as how to become one.  If you've seen these statistics, the State of DevOps report is where it came from!

  • Agility metrics
    • 30x more frequent production deployments
    • 200x faster production deployment lead time
  • Reliability metrics
    • 60x higher change success rate for production deployments
    • 168x faster Mean Time To Restore Service
  • Organizational performance metrics
    • 2x more likely to exceed productivity, market share, and profitability goals
    • 50% higher market capitalization growth over three years

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I'm super excited about this year's research, because we'll be exploring quality measures so that we can even better show the value of DevOps, as well as other how it may achieve objectives that organizational leaders care about most. The survey will examine a number of new research areas, including:

  • ROI of IT performance. Exploring the ROI of IT performance and technical practices to better understand how throughput, stability and quality measures affect the bottom line.
  • Security and compliance. Security and compliance are top of mind in the DevOps industry. This year's survey investigates the role security plays in a DevOps environment.
  • Quality. Past reports have revealed the impact of DevOps practices on key IT performance metrics for throughput and stability. This year's survey will help to better understand how quality is affected by DevOps practices.
  • Containers. Containers are no doubt changing the IT landscape. The survey will make clear how much containers are truly affecting IT performance.
  • Lean. Last year's report found that lean management practices such as limiting work in process and creating and maintaining visual displays showing key quality and productivity metrics predict IT performance. This year's survey will continue diving into lean practices to boost productivity and performance.

Each year we do the survey, we understand better than ever what impacts DevOps performance—and how to better show its value to everyone in the organization.

The survey ends April 19, 2016.

Take the survey >>>

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