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Before You Begin: Why Your OpenStack Initiative Will Probably Fail [feedly]

Before You Begin: Why Your OpenStack Initiative Will Probably Fail
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If you are a data center professional that has been around the block, you understand that you either keep up with technology or you become obsolete. You are probably looking at some of the newer IaaS and PaaS offerings. Perhaps investigating Docker or other containers for your organization. The public cloud providers are an option that becomes real by the day, however – high barriers to usage will probably lead you to test OpenStack, the leading private cloud solution in today's market. Explore the possibilities of developing an open source IaaS while moving away from your vendor lock-ins.

Your First Challenge: The Learning Curve is Steep

There are only a handful of certifications (for example, Mirantis and Red Hat) which means that you will spend a lot of time trying things out for yourself. Fortunately there are some good resources on such as all the OpenStack summit videos and once you want to get some hands on experience –you can run devstack which is basically a way to run OpenStack cloud on your laptop.

One of the challenges of learning an open source product as dynamic and fast moving as this one, is that there is a HUGE amount of documents out there and a lot of them are already outdated. In other words – you can spend months reading. And a lot of what you read doesn't even matter.

It is a technically challenging struggle, but eventually you get it. You dive into each component (Nova, Keystone etc.) and actually have a good understanding of how to get it all working. You set it all up.

CONGRATULATIONS! You have delivered an OpenStack private cloud!

oh-what-have-i-doneInvite your users to start using it. This is where the real problem starts. YOU CREATED A MONSTER!

You actually enabled your customers to use your infrastructure like a cloud. And they want to take advantage of it. Your good old VMWare environment was within your control (or so you thought), at least it was the devil you knew. Now you have VMs popping up everywhere – you don't know what those are running, if they are important, if they are right sized and when are they going away? Do you have enough capacity to handle all the demand of these VMs?

If you have no control over the workload demand: How will you manage it? This problem isn't specific to OpenStack. Any IaaS initiative will suffer from the same outcome. However, it is a lot more painful when you had to set up a whole new virtualization environment from the ground up.

As you set up your IaaS offering, you need to think about a control platform from an early stage. Any cloud provider has one, and if you want to be a cloud provider (internally), you need a co

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