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Downloading MariaDB MaxScale binaries without registration [feedly]

Downloading MariaDB MaxScale binaries without registration
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Sat, 2016-04-16 16:17

MariaDB MaxScale, the dynamic routing platform for MariaDB Server (and MySQL Server) had its first stable 1.0 GA release 15 months ago. Since then, the popularity of MariaDB MaxScale has grown exponentially. It has in many cases become a default piece of the architecture in clustered setups of MariaDB Server, in master-slave replication setups and in very large replication topologies making use of MariaDB MaxScale's Binlog Server functionality.

MariaDB MaxScale has come far in a short time and it's getting attention also from the point of view of how it's being distributed. There has been several active community members pointing out that MariaDB MaxScale binaries (and not just the source code) should be made available to the broader user community in a similar fashion to MariaDB Server. We want to address this by making the community version available as easy as possible. The binaries have therefore been made available from without registration.

Please note that I wrote "the community version". That currently equals the latest and greatest version of MariaDB MaxScale, version 1.4.1 as of writing this. What it also implies is that we plan to release an Enterprise version of MariaDB MaxScale that will include additional functionality on top of the community version. We are working on the Terms of Use for that purpose. Stay tuned.

It's now straightforward to download the MariaDB MaxScale community binaries. Get them here!


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