Saturday, April 9, 2016

Working on my homelab this weekend, basically a rebuild

Last weekend I upgraded my Mac Mini to 16GB of RAM. Friday evening, I converted the mini into a XenServer 6.5 host. I patched the mini and my other XS hosts ( a tower and laptop) with my old Chef server. Afterward, I shut down all running VMs and proceeded to build out all new VMs. My old Chef server was 12.4 on CentOS 6.7. This time I decided to use Ubuntu 14.04 and upgrade to 12.5 in the process. It was flawless. Then I built a new PHPIPAM server on Ubuntu as well. Then install the free version of Xen-Orchestra. All the hosts have the container supplement pack install, so I will be messing around with some docker soon. The installation on the mini was quick. Just remember to set legacy mode after installation.

some screen shots:

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