Wednesday, June 8, 2016

DevOps and Chef at Hearst Business Media ​ [feedly]

DevOps and Chef at Hearst Business Media ​
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Hearst Business Media is a global technology leader delivering information, insights, analytics, and workflow solutions to meet worldwide needs in the finance, healthcare and transportation markets. ​ Chef did a Q&A session with Hearst's Vice President of DevOps, Pauly Comtois. We talked about the challenges of changing the way a large enterprise develops and delivers its software and how Chef fits into the picture. In the Skills Library article "Fostering change at Hearst Business Media", Pauly talks about some general principles for helping the business units at Hearst to be successful with new processes and tools. In a forthcoming article, Pauly will talk about how he introduced Chef. ​ For a concrete example of how Chef was adopted at Hearst, take a look at "Changing the workflow at Zynx Health with Chef"


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