Sunday, June 5, 2016

Using Chef Compliance to Secure your Servers [feedly]

Using Chef Compliance to Secure your Servers
// Chef Software

Chef Compliance lets you express your compliance rules as code. You can easily run those rules as tests whenever you want. You get immediate feedback on whether your servers are configured as they should be. Chef Compliance scans your servers to see if they are configured in accordance with your rules and generates a report that identifies the issues it found. You can then use Chef to remediate those problems. In this webinar, Joe Gardiner will demonstrate how Chef Compliance works by scanning a default installation of RHEL 7.0 on the public cloud to see if it is CIS compliant. After the scan identifies the problem areas, Joe will use Chef to bring the server in line with the CIS benchmarks. You'll also learn about an offer from Chef to help you perform a scan of your infrastructure and get you started on the road to compliance.

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